Reviews & Testimonials


07/20/2017 - Buyer - Coatesville, PA

We worked with LuAnn when we purchased our home in West Bradford township, PA. We were unsure if we wanted an existing home or new construction, and LuAnn took the time to walk us through the pros and cons of each option. Her knowledge of construction was invaluable when we elected to build our house. LuAnn is a genuine, warm person who truly wanted to understand our needs. She's very personable and makes a stressful process very enjoyable. She is a clear communicator and was extremely responsive to all requests or questions. When something seemed like a deadend or roadblock, she was able to come up with a creative solution. Building a home can take many months but LuAnn was actively engaged during the entire process, from signing the construction agreement all the way through closing (and beyond). She is an total professional but even better, is a wonderful person. We can't recommend her highly enough and would encourage anyone to work with LuAnn when buying or selling your home. We have recommended LuAnn to several friends who have had similar great experiences. 

07/19/2017 - Buyer - Morgantown, PA

LuAnn led us to the perfect property, assisted substantially in the development of our offer and response to the accepted counter offer, Our personal situation created a very tight timeline and the seller had considerable work to complete, septic system replacement, etc. and Mother Nature was not especially cooperative. LuAnn kept everyone (us, seller, seller's agent, mortgage and title companies) on task at a feverish pace. I am supremely confident that most agent would not have had the experience and tenacity to close our deal on time. Thank you LuAnn!!!

06/21/2017 - Liz - West Chester, PA

LuAnn McHugh was the utmost professional in helping us find a home. LuAnn had extensive knowledge of each property that was shown to us and provided us a spiral bound booklet of each. LuAnn was fun and listened to our needs! I HIGHLY recommend LuAnn!

05/16/2017 - Buyer & Seller - Linfield, PA

LuAnn helped us sell our home in Linfield and was very responsive and proactive in our needs. We are also building a new home with LuAnn and I am sure it will go smooth as well.

02/26/2017 - Buyer - Downingtown, PA

Our family moved from NJ to PA. We knew the general area we wanted, but really knew nothing about the best place to raise our family. LuAnn knew all the best places to purchase a home if you're raising children (neighborhoods, access to highways, things to do). She really listened to our wants and needs and found a home in a neighborhood we LOVE!!

When we had an issue at closing with the timely (or untimely) transfer of bank funds, LuAnn knew exactly what to do so that everyone could move on the day and the deal could be closed satisfactorily. I am so glad we used her services and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home in Chester County! 

04/14/2014 - Justin K- E Fallowfield, PA

After I came to the decision that a house was no longer what was needed for myself and family, Luann was there to advise us on how to go about selling. She gave good advice on staging, lighting and presentation. She was quick and responsive to all of my questions (which I asked probably more than was needed) and helped to make sure that there were no bumps in the road. There were many times I would have gotten lost in the paperwork or legwork doing it myself, but she made the experience almost painless. I can't recommend LuAnn highly enough. I hope she's still active in the area if/when my housing needs change in the future. 

06/29/2011 - ShawnV83 - Maple Grove Park, Robeson, PA

I was a first time home buyer, confused as to what I really wanted. Luann had the dedication and patience to stick with me, even as my residential needs changed, going from looking in the City to looking in the middle of nowhere, looking at Town Houses then Single Dwellings trying to determine what environment I wanted to live in, and what would fit my life style. She was there through it all, always finding a way to find time to help me. It took 2yrs for me to find the location and house that fit me, but Luann was there by my side the whole way, indulging my real estate curiosity, and when I did find “The One” it was Luann that walked me through the whole process.

Heidi and Bobby

We can't even begin to express how thankful we are to have LuAnn McHugh as our realtor and friend. You have been so incredibly helpful and patient with helping us sell our house and buy another, I can honestly say I don't know what we would've done without you!

Ann & Bill

LuAnn was very patient and helpful to us when we moved from New Jersey to Downingtown, PA. She took care of all the details and we love our new house. We highly recommend her and we will use her for our next move.